Does Guest Posting Still Work?– The Complete Breakdown Of The Ins & Outs

Nothing comes easy in life. Even Santa comes with a Clause”

SEO and back links most definitely do not come easy! Google makes sure of that. All the get-ranked-quick spammy tactics that produce bad low-quality links will cause your site more harm than good. Does guest posting work, though? Yes, not only does guest posting still work, it works as the best back link building strategy in the recent years.

Does the guest posts still works

Why Does Guest Blogging Work Like a Charm in Building Links?

The answer is simple–It is tough to do guest posts!

While it costs next to nothing to get cheap links by spraying random comments or getting listed among web directories, guest blogging takes effort.

Researching your target audience, coming up with ideas, pitching prospective blogs, and of course, actually writing the piece–all of these take time, energy, and considerable skill. Though Google might be harsh with its SEO policy, it amply rewards a well-crafted guest post.

As we are talking about SEO where “Authority” is everything, our claims amount to nothing without evidence. So here it is:
“Guest Blogging is the Best Inbound Marketing Strategy”Neil Patel

When it comes to content marketing, Neil’s word is the absolute last word.

Here, though, are some statistics to further back up the claim.

  • 60% of blogs write 1-5 guest posts each month.
  • Almost 13% of blogs write over 10 guest posts each month.
  • Some 3% of blogs write more than a whopping 100 guest posts every single month! (Referral Rock study)
  • In fact, almost 6% of all blogs publish a major part of their content in the form of guest posts! (OptinMonster)

Does guest blogging still work? Well, the numbers speak for themselves!

Even more, not all guest post pitches get accepted. Referral Rock analyzed how many blogs were actually pitching guest posts.

  • 43% of blogs make more than 25 guest post pitches every month
  • 7% of all blogs actually pitch to over 100 blogs every single month!
  • Even more, 56% guests post for multiple blogs.

    This means more bloggers are trying to do guest posts than the actual number getting published.

Still not convinced?

Been There, Done That!

  • The Groove Blog had just 10,000 subscribers when they did their first guest post with Buffer. The post got them 5000 new, unique visitors in the first hour after going live, and was shared more than 10,000 times. GrooveHq today now guest blogs with OnStartups, Shopify, and KISSmetrics and reach their combined 1 million subscribers.

  • Gregory Ciotti of HelpScout has added over 36,000 subscribers to his email solely through guest blogging.

  • Jon Cooper had 400 unique visitors and closed two new sales with a single guest blog post on the Moz Blog at a time when he had only a total of 285 subscribers.

    Guest blogging is simply the best “white-hat” back link-building strategy out there!

Manipulative techniques to get quick links like comment links and wiki links do not work. With sophisticated tools like Panda and Penguin, Google is laser-quick to pounce on these “grey-hat” SEO tactics and penalize them.

  • Article Directories and Low-Quality Web Directories:

You post your article with an anchor text link on an article directory, hoping someday somebody would like them and share them all over giving multiple links. Web directories were the pre-search engine way of listing multiple sites in one place for easy discovery.

These directories are now spammed with low-quality, generic and stolen content. Syndicating one piece of content to have it read by the same user on multiple sites is also not as per Google’s policies.

With duplicate content filters and link penalties now the norm, Google will filter and penalize such links.

Web directories are worth nothing in the search-engine era except for getting cheap automated links. Google ensures it penalizes this kind of manipulative SEO tactics.

  • Blog Comment Links:

Dropping a comment on a blog is way easier than getting a guest post published. No wonder, blog comments are abused as an SEO tactic with spammy automated irrelevant comments. Google will penalize your site for such useless tactics.

  • Social Bookmarking Links and Wiki Links:

Social bookmarking links are just out there to draw in traffic. They do not add any value. Google makes sure these do not contribute to good SEO.

Wiki links also do not work. They are no-follow links that aren’t effective. Also, as highly popular sites, wikis are spammed with low-quality links of dubious source credibility. You gain no SEO brownie points with these.

So what do you think, does guest posting still work? We say it totally does! When are you adopting guest posting as a content marketing strategy to see your blog soar to the top of the SERP rankings?

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