What Are The Benefits Of Guest Posting? Not All Are Obvious!

Guest Posting is the best strategy out there for gaining quality backlinks. Bloggers are doing loads of guest posts every single day. With Google always getting stricter with bad links and content, guest blogging is the only clean tactic available today to push up your site in the rankings. Unknown to many bloggers, however, there are countless other benefits of guest blogging!

The benefits of guest blogging


Most sites that you would guest post on are reputed high authority sites. If they like your work, most would accept repeated guest posts from you. You get an amazing opportunity to network with their large teams of experts.

Some of these blogs hand-hold you through the entire guest posting process. Their experts provide valuable insights and learnings that make you a better blogger.


Guest posting on reputed sites lets you get your content out in front of their millions of subscribers. Not all of them will click the link back to your website. However, many of them will read your content.

This is an absolute godsend to showcase your brand to them and grow your brand awareness.


We get better only through repeated practice. Guest posting lets you hone your content writing skills without risking reputation loss with the loyal subscriber base on your blog. Also, writing for multiple blogs with their unique styles and tones will expand your writing horizon immensely.


Some blogs might return the favor by writing a guest post for your blog. Your blog benefits from a fresh voice and perspective. Even better, as they circulate the guest post that they have made on your blog among their audience, you get many new visitors to your site. Guest posting is a true win-win arrangement


This is one of the obvious benefits of guest posting. High authority means your site ranks higher on SERPs. Authority only builds up through high-quality backlinks. Guest posting is currently the only sure-shot way of gaining these valued backlinks without risking penalties and filtering by Google.

When you provide high-value content to a site, they are more likely to send links back to your blog, further boosting your authority


When you embed backlinks to your site in your guest post, you can fully control the anchor text of those links. Unknown to many, proper anchor texts matter immensely in building a good backlink profile.


Every blog has its unique voice, style, and perspective. You can expand your content by experimenting with different styles, and new angles on the same topics that your blog covers. You can also expand your niche by writing on blogs that deal with topics complementary to those on your blog. For example, if you write cake reviews, you could guest post on an online cake delivery company’s blog.


When readers of the guest post click the links, they are directed back to your site. If you manage to land a guest post on a well-established blog with over a million subscribers, your blog’s traffic will shoot meteorically.

Additionally, this is not just random traffic. It is targeted traffic of people who are already looking for the type of content you provide. You can expect much better conversion with these select groups of visitors.


Traffic coming back to your blog from the guest post might subscribe to your email list. These subscribers are further down the sales funnel than say, social media followers. They have opted in to receive regular communication from you. They are much more likely to convert into paying customers.


The “host blog” might share your guest post on their social media handles. Their users might share the same on their handles if they like it. Your social media followers and blog traffic can get sudden growth through this endless chain of shares.


Influencers regularly visit reputed sites that you would guest post on. An influencer might just like what you say, drop in the odd comment and it might lead to a professional relationship with that influencer.

Many sites have communities for users and encourage users to interact with each other. Your big break might just spring out from any such chance interaction!


It just takes a little spark for even the most seemingly ordinary content pieces to go viral. Whenever you are sharing your content on multiple sites all over the web, you give yourself a much better chance to hit the jackpot and go viral!

There are more benefits of guest posting that people realize. You should include guest blogging as a key element of your content strategy right away. We cannot wait to see that guest post of yours crack the virality code and be all over the web!

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