What Is The Process Of Guest Posting? A 7-Step Repeatable Process

Guest Posting is one of the best backlink building strategies to boost your site up on the SERP placements. However, many bloggers fail to get started with guest posting. What is the process of guest posting?- is a common quandary for them.

The process of guest posting

Here is a 7-step actionable process that you can use for guest posting successfully.


You need to be clear as to what you expect out of your guest blogging efforts. Guest blogging can lead to numerous benefits including:

  • Increased traffic
  • Higher ranking through quality backlinks
  • Brand awareness
  • Email subscriptions
  • Networking with influencers
  • Establishing Domain Expertise

You would be much better picking one or two goals and exploring guest blogging opportunities around that.

For example, if you are looking for high-quality backlinks, then a reputed site with a solid authority score is suitable. If you are looking to grow brand awareness, then a site with lots of consumer traffic is better.


You need to find sites that meet your strategy criterion.

  1. Be Proactive:

Try to contact as many sites that meet your criterion as you can. The more pitches you make, the more likely you are likely to get a nod.

  1. Sites Your Audience Visit:

An audience research tool lets you find the sites the audience of your interest are visiting the most. These sites are worth exploring for guest blogging opportunities.

  1. Start small:

Your guest post proposal is much more likely to get acceptance from small sites when you start. Do not cast too wide a net and shoot off your first pitch to that high DA industry-best site with over a million subscribers.

  1. Similar Sites:

Using technology, you can find a list of sites similar to your site or a competitor site in your niche. This list is a goldmine of prospective guest blogging opportunities.

  1. Competitor Backlinks:

Using any competitor analysis tool, you can get a list of the sites that link to the competitor site in your niche. You should explore these backlinks for potential guest posting sites.


Once you have the list of potential guest posting sites, you need to analyse and filter them to zero down on the best opportunities.

Factors you should consider are:

  • How closely is content on the site aligned with your blog?
  • Size of the blog.

  • Authority. Chose a site with good authority that is likely to select your pitch.
  • Guest Post Policy. The site should be accepting guest posts and you should be comfortable with its guest posting guidelines.

Once you have the ideal site selected, study the site to develop ideas.

You should look for “gaps” that the target blog is not covering in your niche. A keyword analysis tool can help you find out the relevant keywords from your industry in which the target blog is doing poorly.

Building your content idea around these is more likely to be accepted. Also, make sure that the idea aligns well with your blog theme and strategy.

  1. Make sure you pitch to the right person.
  2. Subject Line is key to catch the attention of the decision-maker. Make it catchy and relevant.
  3. Personalise your pitch with some exceptional content that the blog shared recently or some unique aspect of their blog.
  4. Be straightforward, but not loose. You do not want to waste their precious time.
  5. Clearly show them the benefits of partnering with you. High performing bloggers are busy people, and they will accept some help with guest posts if you can show them what they stand to gain.
  6. Provide examples and samples of posts from your site and other blogs to make your claims trustworthy.

Once you have that guest post deal in your blog, make sure you create top-notch content for the guest post. Ensure there are no compromises on quality and research. Include relevant backlinks to specific outcomes on your site for better conversion of the new referral traffic.


The process of guest posting does not end with the publication of the post. Make sure to share it on your social media handles, thanking and tagging the “host blog”. Also, provide links to the post on your blog.

We hope that answers all your doubts about the process of guest posting. Try implementing this 7-step method and boost your site performance with a successful guest posting strategy.

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